Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Guess who's back this year!

OMG....he's back. I actually stood right next to him and held out some food to him but he didn't take it though.

As you can see at the back my Cat is not sure what to make of it yet!!!


  1. Amazed your squirrel allowed the cat to get so close. Ours are completely wild and don't come anywhere near us, unless there's glass between us and them.
    We get red squirrels at our mobile home in France, but they're not very well practised at hanging upside down like our greys at home !
    Can I send you a bird photo ? Where would I send it ?

    1. Kate that's great that you get to see red squirrels, it's a shame they are pretty non existent here now. I can vaguely remember seeing them as a kid as where I grew up in Bracknell. There is a place called South Hill Park with plenty of woods surrounding it that us kids used to play in, sadly most of it has been built on now!

      I'd love to see your photo, you can send it here:

      Look forward to seeing it :)